Wrap It Up: Easy Ways to Create Pretty Packages

Photo by Chris_J
Photo by Chris_J

We all know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but if you want your wrapping to do more than just hide the gift, here are a few tips to create prettier packages.

•The best way to make gift wrapping easy is to get organized. If you have space for rods/racks to hold rolls of paper and ribbon, do that. But you can also store them in specially designed boxes that keep paper from getting wrinkled and ribbons from getting tangled (the Container Store is a good place to find them—and lots of other great ideas).

•When you’re ready to start wrapping, gather everything you need (gifts, paper, scissors, tape, ribbons/decorations, pen, gift tags, ruler) in one place.

•Clear a space on a large, flat, hard surface (dining tables work well).

•Measure twice, cut once. If your paper isn’t pre-printed with lines, use a ruler to mark your cutting line to keep it straight.

•Allow extra paper on the overlap so you can fold it to hide the cut (and straighten out the line, if you need to).

•Use double-sided tape for a neater finish.

•Try layering papers for interesting effects. Start with a solid-color paper (brown craft paper is a good–and inexpensive–choice) as the base, then cut a strip of decorated paper the width you want, wrap it around the package (in the center or offset to one side) and tape it at the bottom. Finish by tying a ribbon or raffia around both layers.

•Wrap your gift in fabric. Some traditional Furoshiki methods are here, but the fabric can also be used like paper or just wrapped and tied.

•Layer different widths of flat satin ribbon in complementary colors on your package instead of tying a bow. Or create a weave of ribbon.

•Add a sprig of pine, holly, or rosemary or a small pine cone or two to the bow with a little bit of thin florists’ wire.

•If you go the gift-bag route, spruce it up a little with more than the usual tissue-paper filler. Use a hole punch to put holes in front and back near the handles, thread ribbon through those and tie a bow in front. It keeps the bag closed and adds a nice touch.

Of course, the easiest way of all to get your presents perfectly wrapped is to call My Personal Valet. We have experts on hand who can make any gift—and gift display—a little more magical. Call us today.
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