Guest List: Host/Hostess Gifts That Show Them How Much You Appreciate Them

Photo by  'Playingwithbrushes'
Photo by ‘Playingwithbrushes’
If you’re being hosted rather than doing the hosting this season (or anytime!), don’t arrive empty handed. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
  • A good bottle of wine is the tried-and-true go-to that’s almost always a good choice. But spruce it up a little: pair it with a fancy bottle stopper, wrap it in a funky dishtowel they can use later, or personalize it with a monogrammed gift tag. And speaking of using later, maybe present two bottles—one for the host/hostess to share and one for them to keep.
  • Put together a gift basket designed to encourage the host/hostess to relax once the festivities are over. Fill it with a good book, a baked treat or chocolates, bath salts, a candle–and maybe that bottle of wine.
  • Candles are a nice choice, but check with your host/hostess to see if they mind scented (some people prefer unscented but still like a pretty candle).
  • Fancy guest towels and equally fancy hand soaps.
  • A small pewter or crystal bowl filled with candy or nuts.
  • A nice set of bar tools and/or a bottle of their favorite liquor.
  • Fun or fancy napkins.
  • A vase full of flowers or a plant in a nice planter.
  • Home-baked cookies on a pretty platter—and they keep the platter. Or along those same lines, any pretty serving piece(s) and a treat to go with them.
  • A silver or a crystal frame (make it even better by adding a picture of you and your host).
  • If you visit homesick Texans, take them tamales (they freeze and travel well) or hot sauce and chips from their favorite restaurant.
  • Send a hand-written thank-you after the party or stay.
  • A hug.
Of course, if you need more ideas—or even need us to do the shopping and assembling—My Personal Valet has you covered.

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