Save on The Latest Movie Blockbusters With VIP Movie Tickets

Why pay full price to see the latest movies,  when you can purchase discounted movie passes from the Concierge and save up to $3.00 on regular theater admission?

My Personal Valet  sells VIP movie tickets to AMC, Cinemark, Studio Movie Grill and other theaters which can be used to see all your favorite summer movies.* Movie theater generally restrict the use of discount passes during the first 10 days of a new release, but you can  purchase Unrestricted VIP Passes  (AMC Gold, Cinemark Platinum & Studio Movie Grill) which can be used on the very first day a movie hits the theater!

With the rising cost of entertainment, these discounted movie ticket are great to have on hand and to give as gifts.

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My Personal Valet Movie Tickets Prices

AMC Silver $7.00

AMC Gold $8.00-Unrestricted

Angelika Film Center $7.00

Cinemark Platinum $8.00-Unrestricted

Landmark Theaters $8.00

Studio Movie Grill $7.00 Unrestricted

Contact My Personal Valet  to order your VIP Movie Passes. *Only Unrestricted tickets can be used for new releases. Please check your local listings to ensure that VIP passes are accepted for your particular movie.