Food for Thought

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recent article in The New York Times reported that there’s strong evidence linking Alzheimer’s to nutrition—or, rather, the lack thereof—suggesting that Alzheimer’s is “Type 3 diabetes.” We all know that this is just the latest in a long list of reasons why we need to eat right. But it’s so much easier to go through the drive-through, isn’t it? Or is it? Think about this. My Personal Valet has team members who can do your grocery shopping for you. We’ll even make the list and clip coupons if you want us to. Need more? We’ll find tasty recipes and do the food prep, too. When you come home, all you have to do is turn on the oven and let the meal heat while you sip a glass of wine or catch up with the kids. Or we can leave ingredients in the refrigerator, and you can make meal preparation a family affair. More family time and healthy eating? Sounds like a win-win. We can be sure you always have healthy snacks on hand, too (let’s just be real here–we all know about those midnight munchies). Want more ideas? Visit to find recipes like Pasta Puttanesca on the Food Network. It’s easy to make and is ready in just 17 minutes—from prep to presentation.

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