Tips on Tipping

I watched a slideshow on Yahoo yesterday called How Much to Tip for Summer Expenses. It got me to thinking about tipping in general. Below are the guidelines, suggested in the slideshow, for tipping summer help:

Skycap – $1-$3 per bag, add $1-$2 extra for large or bulky items like golf bags

Bellhop – $1-$2/bag, add extra if bags are heavy

Camp Counselor – $10 a week if permitted, check parent’s handbook to determine if tips allowed

Dog Groomer – 15-20% of bill, if you have a special dog (you know when your dog is special) or require special clipping add 5% more

Dog Walkers – 20% of bill, tip only if walked for 1 week or more

Food Delivery – 10-15%, more if feeding large group

Gardener or Pool Cleaner – $20-50 or the cost of one visit, give tip at end of season

Hotel Housekeeper – $2 per night for budget hotels, $3-$5 per night for higher end hotels, tip nightly because cleaning crews change, tip more if you have a large family or make a huge mess

House Sitter – ZERO, bring back a gift or souvenir from travels

Seasonal Sports Instructor (swimming/tennis) – ZERO, you are paying for sessions with a professional instructor so a tip is not expected

I understand the importance of tipping and consider myself fairly generous with my gratuities at restaurants. I can’t say that I have followed the guidelines above and tipped as suggested. I’m curious what your views are on tipping.

What percent tip do you leave at restaurants (assuming no issues with service or food)?

Do you tip the person who shampoos your hair, your hairstylist, the courtesy car driver at the dealership?

When you order a pizza and pick it up yourself, do you leave money in the tip jar?

Curious to hear from those working in service professions and patrons.

link to article by Yelena Moroz

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