The Best BYOB Restaurants in DFW

BYOB: An initialism most commonly meant to stand for “bring your own bottle”. 

BYOB is often placed on an invitation to indicate that the host will not be serving alcohol and that guests are welcome to bring their own. It is also frequently used by regular bars or restaurants which do not have licenses to serve liquor or alcoholic beverages in general. –From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Many restaurants, due to zoning restrictions or other reasons, do not serve alcohol. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has a wonderful variety of BYOB restaurants, serving incredible food.  Here are a few of the best BYOB restaurants in DFW:

Babe’s Chicken Dinner House

If you can’t resist good old-fashioned home cooking, then Babe’s Chicken Dinner House is the place for you. With a menu straight out of your grandmother’s kitchen, Babe’s serves crispy fried chicken, catfish and pot roast, with most meals costing less than $15.00. Babe’s Chicken Dinner House has multiple location in DFW as well as their other restaurant Bubba’s.

Cedars Mediterranean Mezza

Cedars Mediterranean Mezza brings you the best cuisines from several  Mediterranean countries:  Spanish, Turkish, Lebanese, Egyptian, Moroccan and Greek. The dishes are full of the rich flavors, healthy ingredients like olive oil, fruits, herbs, and legumes that make Mediterranean so popular today. Click here to download discount coupons for  Cedars Mediterranean Mezza. Located in  Preston Center,  6125 Berkshire,  Dallas TX (NW Hwy & Preston Rd).  214-363-1717

Coconut Thai Grill

Coconut Thai Grill serves traditional Thai food, like Coconut Chicken Spicy Eggplant as well as many Vegetarian dishes.  The Carrollton restaurant recently opened on the corner of Webb Chapel and Beltline Road.

Nonna Tata

With only 21-seats, this quaint Fort Worth cafe is so popular you may have to wait for a table.  Nonna Tata’s owner Donatella Trotti serves delicious dishes from like Lemon Pasta with Garlic and Spinach, Asparagus Gnocchi. Located at 1400 W. Magnolia avenue in  Fort Worth. 817-332-0250

Salsa Fuego Fresh Tex Mex

Fort Worth’s BYOB Mexican restaurant, Salsa Fuego’s has a great menu that includes everything from authentic Mexican Tortas, as well as yummy Tex-mex favorites like Enchiladas, Chile Rellenos and Tacos. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert-mini sopapillas or caramel stuffed churros.

Urbano Cafe

Urbano Cafe specializes in paninis, or pressed, grilled sandwiches, but they  also serve  pastas, salads and wonderful house-made soups. All of their dressings, soups and sauces are prepared on-site with many fresh ingredients from local farmer’s markets.  Urbano Cafe is located in East Dallas at 1410 Fitzhugh (right next to Jimmy’s Food Store). What a perfect place for a BYOB restaurant? You can pick up a great bottle of wine from Jimmy’s and enjoy lunch or dinner at Urbano Cafe.


Located in the heart of Plano, Zorbas offers an authentic taste of Greek cuisine.  With specials that change daily, Zorba’s features Broiled Lamb Chops, Greek-Style Skirt Steak, Braised Lamb shank and Lamb Kleftiko-Stuffed Cornish Hen along with traditional Greek favorites like Dolmas, Spanakopita and Feta with Olives.

More BYOB Restaurants in DFW

Campania Pizza & More

Eden Restaurant

Medina Oven and Bar

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