Henderson Avenue…Shopping, Food & Fun

Not many years ago, the Knox/Henderson area of Dallas was a neighborhood in distress. Rundown apartment buildings, abandoned retail store fronts and a poor economic outlook. But then Uptown was born and the restaurants and retail stores of Knox Street and McKinney Avenue eventually spilled across Central Expressway to Henderson Avenue. Now the East Dallas neighborhood boasts trendy eateries, a lively nightlife and an antique shopper’s paradise.


Take a stroll down Henderson Avenue to shop for 17th-century  antiques at Nick Brock Antiques; vintage furnishings and artwork at William-Christopher Design; a collection mid-century modern furniture and accessories at AgainConsignment and Form. Another new addition to the area is the Newflower Farmers Market, a full service grocery store with natural and organic foods. Ready to shop til you drop? Try: The Whimsey Shoppe, We Are 1976 and for vintage clothing, The Gypsy Wagon.


Making a decision about what to eat is a difficult one on Henderson Avenue. Some of my absolute favorite places to dine are located here. Starting at Fireside Pies, cozy little restaurant with a nice patio. I recommend the Triple-Roni with  the 4-Cheese Salad.  If you are in the mood for some delicious home-style cooking, The Porch is your place. For fine dining or for date night, Hibiscus or Neighborhood Services provide a nice menu along with a warm atmosphere. Other suggestions for great dining: Hector’s on Henderson, Sushi Axiom, and Cafe San Miguel.


One of the oldest residents on Henderson Avenue is also one of best places to enjoy a burger and a cold beer. The Old Monk is a traditional Irish-style pub, serving good food and good times. Veritas Wine Room, a ‘wine pub’ with an  inviting, casual atmosphere featuring  350 labels of wine, a rotating selection of 20+ wines by the glass, 31 beers and  32 cheeses is new to the neighborhood.   After a day of shopping, relax with a latte and a yummy pastry at The Pearl Cup. If you are not afraid to walk on the wild side, head over to The Slip Inn. Just remember….”what happens at The Slip Inn, stays at The Slip Inn“.

This was just a short visit to one of Dallas’ hidden gems. If you have not ventured out and visited Henderson Avenue, you are missing lots of good shopping, food and fun!

Next Stop: One Arts Plaza & the Arts District

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