Getting to Know Me: My Interview in the Dallas Business Journal

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. It is another feature of my personal assistant firm, My Personal Valet. This is an interview by staff writer,  Nima Kapadia at the Dallas Business Journal that tells you a little bit more about me and My Personal Valet.

Two Minutes with Paula Stein McIntyre of My Personal Valet

Photo credit: Quincy Nohra

Paula Stein McIntyre, president of My Personal Valet, would frequently run errands for friends and family. In 2007, she made a career out of it with My Personal Valet. Her personal assistant firm helps clients with day-to-day tasks such as setting up appointments, planning events, running errands and having an extra pair of hands for home projects. Clients receive an initial consultation, select a package with prices beginning at $30 per hour and then hand over their “to-do” lists. McIntyre worked at Neiman Marcus for 10 years before starting My Personal Valet. She and her sister also co-own and operate Having an Affaire, an event-staffing company. My Personal Valet received the Emerging Business of the Year award from the National Association of Women Business Owners DFW.

Q. What is the most unusual request you have received?

A. I received a request this month from a man in New Jersey asking me to deliver a quart of chocolate cappuccino crunch ice cream to his friend’s office in Dallas.

Q. How are you adapting to the economy?

A. I am marketing My Personal Valet more this year. Everything I read says don’t skimp on marketing during a down economy. It’s a great opportunity to get your business noticed and differentiate your company. I am doing a lot more e-mail marketing, sponsoring different events like the Dog’s Life Canine Fair and Doggie Wedding taking place at the Lee Park Conservancy in June and other events that give My Personal Valet exposure. To do this, I am really watching my other expenses and cutting costs where I can.

Q. What advice would you give to future entrepreneurs?

A. Go for it. People thought I was crazy to leave my job, sell my home and start a business. You can’t wait for the right time, right circumstances or anything else. I started in October 2007, and look at what happened to the economy. You are going to work a lot more than you probably ever have in life. You will make less money (for a while) and spend more than you expected, but it is still worth it. Also, live by the Golden Rule. Treat everyone with respect. Be a person of integrity.

Reprinted courtesy of The Dallas Business Journal
Dallas Business Journal – by
Nima Kapadia Staff writer | 214-706-7118

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