11 Helpful Resources For Getting Your Home Organized

If you find that you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start when trying to organize your home or office, it is time to ask for help. There are many resources available that can assist you in a number of ways. From books about organizing , maid services, closet organizer and hands on assistance from a professional.

Read All About It

1.Organizing from the Inside Out,: The Foolproof System For Organizing Your Home, Your Office and Your Life– by Julie Morgenstern

Julie Morgenstern is a professional organizer who teaches you  that organizing is a skill that can be learned and that any mess can be tamed. Her books are easy to follow and her sense of humor makes the process of clutter-control more enjoyable.

2. SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life: A Four-Step Guide to Getting Unstuck – by Julie Morgenstern

For those of you who have trouble letting things go, Morgenstern’s advice includes ways to let it go. S.H.E.D.: Separate treasures, Heave the rest,  Embrace identity from within, and Drive yourself forward.

3. The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life

Lorie Marrero is a Certified Professional Organizer  and  the creator of ClutterDiet.com, an innovative program allowing anyone to get expert help.

4. Organize Now!: A Week By Week Guide To Simplify Your Space And Your Life – Jennifer Ford Berry

This is a great little notebook for your organizing project.  It takes a week-by-week approach, and has simple and effective tools to organize various aspects of your life. lives. It  covers  topics from paperwork, time management, mental clutter, pets and specific rooms to special events such as moving or vacation planning.The book also includes  checklists you can use to chart your results; as well as monthly and yearly maintenance to-do lists.

Designing the Perfect Closet

5. Behind Closed Doors

Specializing in  custom storage solutions, Behind Closed Doors is an interior design firm that is committed to  providing you with a design that fits your specific need. Their closet  designs inspire healthy, orderly and memorable environments for your closet, kitchen, bath, office, garage,  or any other specialty storage area in your home or office.

Hire A Cleaning Service

6.The Maid Brigade

When your time is limited, consider hiring a maid service to take care of some of the basic housekeeping chores. Having a maid service come to your home,  even if it is only once a month to handle basic housecleaning like: vacuuming, making beds and dusting furniture or even more time-consuming chores like cleaning out the  fireplace,  oven cleaning (my least favorite job in the world) and washing windows can give you back hours of free time.

Donate It

If you are like me, you just hate to throw away perfectly good things, even though they are creating clutter in you life. Do you have old cellphones, clothes and more are taking up space in desk drawers, closets and garages when they could be put to good use? Why not donate them?

7. Cell Phone Donation

Organizations like Cellphones for Soldiers recycles your phone and donates a percentage as phone cards for U.S. service members.

8.  Send your  old cell phones in a padded mailer to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which distributes your unwanted cell phones to victims of domestic violence so that they may call 911 for help.

9.  Phones For Life provides seniors with cellphones that can dial  a 911, enabling them to call for help should they suffer an accident or emergency.

10. Business Attire

In the Dallas area, Attitudes and Attire is an organization that is  dedicated to helping women get back into the work force. You can donate your ‘gently used‘ suits, shoes, blouses and other business attire that will help someone get back on their feet. Check Google or the Yellow Pages for similar organizations in your area.

Hire a Professional

11.  My Personal Valet

One of the many services offered by My Personal Valet is Professional Home and Office Organization.  If you need someone to file the mountain of paperwork piling up on your desk;  coordinate your closet, or even clean out your messy garage, My Personal Valet is at your service. Call me for a consultation. 214.363.2200 or email me at  paula@mpvalet.com.

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