4 Romantic Ideas For Staying In For Valentine’s Day

If you don’t want to deal with the NBA All-Star crowds. Make your stay-at-home evening one you’ll never forget. Use your imagination to take these ideas to another level.

1. Create a 4 Star Dining Experience In Your Home

Set your table with china, linen, flowers and lots of candles. Prepare your favorite foods. Be creative with the menu. Serve combinations of tangy & sweet. Serve recipes that need no utensils (let you fingers do the work). If breakfast happens to be your favorite meal, serve breakfast for dinner. It deserves repeating – BE CREATIVE!

Great idea right,  but who wants to shop, prep, cook, serve and clean? No need. Help is available. Hire wait staff from Having An Affaire Party & Event Staffing. They do the work so you can enjoy your romantic evening.

If cooking is not particularly high on your skills list, hire a personal chef. Same idea as above but with the assistance of a trained professional.

2. Spa Night

Turn your bed and bathroom into your own spa oasis. Let your senses be your guide. Try different oils and scents.

3. Picnic In Your Home

Spread a blanket on the floor; break out your best picnic basket and all your favorite outdoor foods for an indoor picnic. A visit to  Eatzi’s, Central Market   or Whole Foods Market  is  enough to supply your picnic basket with lots of tasty dishes to delight your senses.

4. In Home Concert

Hire a musician (or a group of musicians) and have a personal concert in your home. This idea might be fun to carry out with other couples.

Your memorable evening does not require you to leave your home. It only takes some planning and a little imagination.

Have a more romantic Valentine’s Day idea? Please don’t hesitate to share it with me.

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